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AT&T Legacy T Bargaining Report #3

At the table today your Union Bargaining Team started presenting our proposals. We presented several to expand the Certification Program (which has been so successful for our Network Technical Specialists under Article 43) to titles in several other articles. This is part of our goal to require the Company prepare the workforce for the “2020” technological changes.

We also proposed improving the Pension band for one of our lowest wage titles and moving the CSDG Assembler title into Article 41.

While the company is spending large amounts of money on its “Aspire” program to help young people with their educational goals (and a fortune advertising to the public that they sponsor this program) they have stopped the Academic Awards for the children of their employees. Of course we support the good work “Aspire” does in our communities but that does not take the Company off the hook to stop providing those opportunities for their own employees’ families. We demand they reinstate the Academic Awards Program.

Finally, we are trying to fix the language in Article 15 so when someone gets hired into a department at a higher rate than someone who has been there over a year, the senior person also gets the higher rate.

The team is meeting in subcommittees with the Company and we are working on responding to the Company’s outrageous benefits proposals. We know you are angry and upset about those attacks on our benefits.

Turn your anger into action - join the mobilization efforts.

Your bargaining team, 

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