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AT&T Legacy T Bargaining Report #4

Today the Company turned their attention (evil eye) to paid time for personal illness.

They are proposing NO PAID PERSONAL ILLNESS TIME for new hires.

For those with less than three years they want to change 5 paid days to 3 (after the second scheduled day not worked);

With three to six years - from 5 paid to 3;

With six to eleven years - from 7 paid to 4;

And everyone over eleven years of service a maximum of 5 paid days (not including disability).

Just to be clear, for those over 25 years of service who now get unlimited paid sick time, the most the company proposal will pay is 5!

This is quite a plan.  First the Company wants to make it much more expensive for us to use our health care and then they want to take away pad sick time.  That’s a brilliant plan!

Tomorrow we will again be discussing their health care proposal.

Mobilize.  Show the company you support your bargaining team as we stand up to these outrageous proposals.

Your bargaining team,

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