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AT&T Legacy T Bargaining Report #6

Another day at the table and another day of retrogressive demands from the Company. They started out by presenting a “no strike clause” for our Contract. We already have language that says disputes must be handled through grievance and arbitration. The company hasn’t had a problem with a strike during the course of the agreement in over 30 years. This is just another way they want to exert control even if it’s not necessary.

Talking about exerting control – the worst proposal they passed today would completely gut our monitoring language. It would allow monitoring at any time without our members being told they are being monitored and it takes away all of protections against termination and other discipline. The Legacy T Contract has the best monitoring language in our industry and our language is even used by other Unions as a model for their demands on this issue. Bill Bates said “We will not turn back the clock. We will not go back in time.”

Every person on our team spoke up against this proposal. Examples were given, from other Contracts that do not have our language, about mass discipline (resulting in mass grievances) over ridiculous interpretations of “customer abuse.” We stressed that the history in our call centers is of managers already putting huge pressure on our members even with the protections we have. As we said in our opening statement, our members are serious about serving our customers but stripping them of needed protections will not serve anyone well.

The Company’s final proposal was to change Article 16 travel allowances from 35 miles to 50 miles (with no increase in the dollar amount); only allow an interim trip home if the temporary work location is more than 50 miles and provide moving expenses only if a new permanent location is more than 50 miles from the old reporting location. Due to that change, relocation expenses under Article 24.5 also would change from 35 miles to 50 miles. Those changes would also impact the company’s right to force transfer a person 50 miles without having to declare a surplus if there are no volunteers.

As bargaining low moves into the final month before our April 11th expiration day, mobilization should be stepping up in every Local. Your bargaining team needs you to show the Company what you think of their proposals.

Bill Bates Mary Ellen Mazzeo

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