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AT&T Legacy T Bargaining Report #7

Today the Company reached an all-time low. While the Union is trying to bargain in good faith to protect our members and has clearly stated that one of our chief concerns is protecting jobs, with no advanced notice, the company dumped surplus notices on us this morning – 86 in Legacy T (including the Local President of Local 1058) and 153 –three full office closings-- under the National Internet Contract.

At the table Bill Bates said this showed total disrespect to the Union and “the Company has put this round of bargaining in jeopardy.” Not only did the Company bargainers not tell us yesterday when we met, but last night Managers started telling the members HOURS BEFORE the T&T office was notified and could reach the Local Presidents. While the Company apologized for the managers’ jumping the gun on the announcement we made it clear that wasn’t close to good enough. They never should have declared a surplus in the middle of bargaining in the first place. No surplus was declared in District Four where the Midwest bargaining is taking place. That looks to us like we are being “singled out” at exactly the time that we are fighting for every job in Legacy T.

We know there is work we can do that has been outsourced and offshored. Before we left the table Bill repeated, “We see nothing from you that would bring work into this bargaining unit. It is sad and very disappointing.” Over and over he made our outrage clear.

EVERY member should be sad and disappointed at the Company’s action, but you should also be outraged and energized. Just like we did at the table, let every Manager know just how pissed off you are.

Your bargaining team,

Bill Bates Mary Ellen Mazzeo Laura Unger LaNell Piercy Lois Grimes-Patow

Roy Hegenbart Isa Shabazz Cindy Neumeyer Martha Flagge

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