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AT&T Legacy T Bargaining Report #13

Today the Company responded to our Bargaining Proposal for Health Care. Our proposal concentrated on wellness programs that would lower health care costs, instead of shifting it to our members.  Their proposal was not responsive. Current employees and 2009 new hires would have access to the AT&T Medical Plan with all the increases we told you about in previous reports.  They would also have the choice of a “Management Plan.”  Those hired after 2012 would only have access to the “Management Plan.”  That plan has two options - one has slightly lower premiums and one has slightly higher.  The difference is that those plans don’t pay out a penny in for either drugs or medical treatment (except preventative) until the deductible is fully met.  So, a family could not even fill a prescription until they pay the $2,600 deductible.  The slightly lower priced plan also has an $8,250 Out of Pocket Max for a family.  So why did they even bother making this proposal?  They say they were responding to our wellness proposal, though the deal is IF you choose the “Management Plan” you have access to some of the “Management” wellness programs under something called “Health Matters.” However, if you take our Traditional Plan, even with all their increases in cost, you don’t have access to those programs.  The obvious question we had to ask the Company was, “so you don’t give a d—m about the wellness of employees unless they are willing to take the plan you want us to take”, which they can adjust yearly without bargaining with us.  Those picking the old plan don’t have access to it.  NO WAY.

They passed the same Pension Proposal across the table they did before - freezing everyone’s Pensions and no Pension - only a 401K - for new hires. “Freezing” does not just mean no increase.  If you work 5 more years, those years don’t count toward additional money.  We all know we need a pension increase, especially with the increase in the cost of Retiree medical.

Their last insult was to pass language to change double time for overtime over 8 hours to double time only after 9 hours.  LaNell Piercy, one of our bargainers who represents some of our lower paid members, said “So you want to raise the amount our members pay for health care and then steal back an hour of our double time?”  What she said after that is not printable.

Tomorrow is our day.  We will be presenting out proposals on employment security and access to new jobs.

Your Bargaining Team,

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