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AT&T Legacy T Bargaining Report #15

In addition to a sub-committee to discuss health care, our time at the table was again spent mainly on job security. We proposed a National Committee, pending the participation of the other AT&T units, to discuss training for “Workforce 2020.”

CWA Bargainer Roy Hegenbart presented our demand to continue the 800 person “watermark” for Article 43. He laid out in great detail the increased workload for outside plant generated by projects such as the Google build out. We also expressed concern about some of our jobs moving to the techs in the regional companies. In general we have been very successful getting rid of outside contractors in Article 43 with the number going from over 300 to under 10 since Article 43 was bargained - but that does not change the need to have a clear watermark that must be maintained.

Please RAMP UP your mobilization. We need to see that every Local is active in support of your Bargaining Team.

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