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AT&T Legacy T Bargaining Report #25

The teams met yesterday, both at the full table and in subcommittees, on health care and monitoring. Several Articles that are not being changed were TA’d.  After our rejection of their proposal the Company did not pursue their demand to change the mileage from 35 to 50 in Article 16 for transfers and Article 24 for relocation allowance. Aside from that no important issues have been settled.

Meanwhile, there is news of another fine for AT&T.  This time it is for $25 million for “failing to prevent a string of data breaches affecting 280,000 of its customers, whose confidential data was used to facilitate the trafficking of stolen mobile phones. Workers at AT&T call centers in Mexico, Columbia and the Philippines accessed the private information of the US-based customers, including their social security numbers, and passed it on to third parties.  Investigators believe it was then used to unlock stolen mobile phones so they could be resold.”

For years the CWA has warned AT&T of this danger as we fought to bring that work back to the United States. As we push for JOB SECURITY for our members we keep reminding them that there would be plenty of work for every one of our members, and more, if they would just bring all this work back.  So far they have been deaf to that demand. 

That $25 million and the $40 million they had to pay last month, because their lawyers missed a court date, would go a long way to help improve health care and pensions for both our active members and our Retirees. 

Keep up the pressure.  Remember to take home your personal items from your work locations when you leave today.  The clock is ticking.

Your Bargaining Team,

Bill Bates

Laura Unger                                                   

Lois Grimes-Patow

Martha Flagge

Mary Ellen Mazzeo

LaNell Piercy

Roy Hegenbart

Cindy Neumeyer 

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