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AT&T Legacy T Bargaining Report #30

Today the Union rejected the last proposals by the Company and presented our proposals on wages, SSP, the watermark for the full workforce and Article 43, JOG, absence and several proposals on our health benefits. The CWA Research Department is working with us every day to help us prepare for our proposals on health benefits.

The Company had nothing new to present today but hopefully they will have something for us over the weekend. Your elected Bargainers, who haven’t been home since the first week in March, are still here awaiting some progress.

We know many of you were disappointed that we did not go on strike Tuesday. The Bargaining Team was also. If we do go, it must be because we are stalled at BOTH our table and District 4 so we can have a unified action. Your disappointment, however, should not be an excuse to back off one iota from taking action every day to show the Company you are angry at their proposals. You are the ones who do the work. You are the ones in every workplace who should be able to figure out, while you are working, how to make your feelings known. Remember, it is the COMPANY who has stalled these negotiations, not the “National” or your bargaining team.

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