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AT&T Legacy T Bargaining Report #20

As we count down to April 11th, we still have not received responses on some key issues. The Company has not responded to us since we rejected their elimination of JOG. They have not responded to any of our proposals on the watermark and have not given us any new commitments on training for Workforce 2020.

Meanwhile, while Pensions, Disability, Medical Care and monitoring are still being discussed in subcommittees, no real progress is being made there either. The Union has rejected their absence proposal and the Company’s own data proves that while absence is a problem for some people, the overwhelming majority do not abuse their paid illness time.

So, here we are, moving into another weekend. Despite the holidays, the bargaining teams are all staying in town and will be bargaining.

Every Local should be ratcheting up its Mobilization activities this week. Every manager in every office should know how you feel about the Company’s actions at the table.

Your Bargaining Team,

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