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AT&T Legacy T Bargaining Report #35

It was a lot more interesting at the Shareholders Meeting than it was at the Bargaining Table today. While we countered some of the Company proposals, they offered no changes to their last offer.

Meanwhile in Spokane, CWA activists demonstrated at the Shareholders meeting. The police and AT&T security were there in force, as was Labor Relations Vice President Mark Royse. Many members confronted him as he tried to tell them things were OK at the bargaining table: “we only have to reach across a stream, not an ocean", meaning they are close to an agreement. Your Bargaining Team would certainly not agree with that statement. We are oceans apart!

Todd Appleby, EVP of Local 6360, also told Royse that the Company was a disgrace for breaking promises of healthcare to workers that have already retired, but are now being forced to pick between medications and food because of the unaffordable healthcare changes that the Company made to Retirees. He advised that his Local has a food shelf for the Retirees so they can make ends meet.
Following the rally, Shari Wojtowicz (Local 7250), David Blackburn (Local 7050), T Santora (Local 9003) and others delivered a binder to Tom Moore, Senior Vice President of HR Compensation, Benefits & Policy, which contained a petition from retirees to CEO Randall Stephenson. The petition had approximately 7000 signatures calling for fairness and common decency in addressing the needs of those who built the company. Steve Tizsa, retired President of Local 4252, was the main driver behind this petition campaign.

While only two speakers were permitted to address the Shareholders, and only on items appearing on the ballot, our activists made their concerns heard when they fanned out during the after meeting reception and explained our issues to those in the room. We will post pictures of the rally as soon as we get them.

Meanwhile in Lee’s Summit, members released balloons in solidarity with those at the Shareholders Meeting. See the photo here.

You Bargaining Team,
Bill Bates
Laura Unger
Lois Grimes-Patow
Martha Flagge
Mary Ellen Mazzeo
LaNell Piercy
Roy Hegenbart

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