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AT&T - Legacy S Bargaining Unit - incl Global Services (fka DataCom)

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A Message to the Members from the Executive Board of CWA Local 4340

Based on the information provided to the officers at the Contract Explanation Meeting, the Executive Board of CWA Local 4340 is recommending a NO vote on the proposed AT&T Midwest Tentative Agreement. 

The ballots will be mailed out this week by District 4.  If you do not receive a ballot by June 8th please call the Union Hall at 216-635-4340.

In Unity,

Gary Kundrat, President
David Passalcqua, Executive Vice President
Linda Burns, Secretary/Treasurer


CWA D4 AT&T Midwest Tentative Agreement Detailed Summary 05/20/2015


AT&T Midwest Bargaining Report - Tentative Agreement Reached

The District 4 Midwest bargaining team was able to reach a tentative agreement covering both Core wireline and COS with AT&T Midwest today. The bargaining team is currently working to finalize terms that will be presented to Midwest CWA members for formal approval and ratification.

The team was able to negotiate a three year agreement which includes general wage increases, new healthcare options, and increases to ou...r pensions. Additionally, the bargaining team protected and improved our job security language and made improvements to provisions within the appendixes including wage adjustments.

The bargaining team would like to thank the leaders of every local and each member for the amazing amount of support they provided during this round of negotiations which started on March 4th.

A detailed report will follow at a later date, as the team prepares for a soon to be scheduled contract explanation meeting with Local Presidents.


AT&T Midwest Bargaining Report

Progress continued through the weekend and the bargaining team is comfortable with how things are moving and where they are at. We expect it to continue on through the day with hopes to reach an agreement in the near future....

There is no doubt that the mobilization efforts our locals and members have done certainly had a positive effect during this round of negotiations. The team appreciates everyone's efforts, but at this time, the team would ask that locals refrain from any mobilization beyond normal activities. There is a time when escalations may help you move forward, but at this time it could put in jeopardy the progress made in the past 72 hrs.

The team would appreciate your cooperation and patience in this matter and would not make this request unless we were not confident this was the best approach at this time.

More information will follow.

In Solidarity,
The Bargaining Team


CWA Midwest Bargaining and CWA Legacy T Bargaining Explained

AT&T Midwest Bargaining covers all AT&T employees that are represented by the contract negotiated by CWA District 4 and the following companies: AT&T Teleholdings Inc. Illinois Bell (AT&T Illinois) Indiana Bell (AT&T Indiana), Ohio Bell (AT&T Ohio), Michigan Bell (AT&T Michigan) and Wisconsin Bell (AT&T Wisconsin), all collectively known as AT&T Midwest. This contract covers all CWA members in the Midwest that are represented in the Core contract, Appendix F and Appendix G. This contract expired on Tuesday April 14, 2015 at 12:00 pm.
AT&T Legacy T Bargaining covers all AT&T employees that are employed by AT&T Corporation and certain affiliated companies and the Communications Workers of America. This contract is a national contract that covers over 4500 members across the United States. This contract expired on April 7, 2015 at 12:00 am.
Currently CWA Local 4340 does represent members that are covered by each contract. When CWA District 4 or CWA National releases bargaining updates for either contract those updates are being shared on CWA Local 4340’s webpage, Facebook and Twitter accounts. The title of the bargaining report will say either CWA Midwest Bargaining report or Legacy T Bargaining report. While the contracts are being bargained for concurrently they are not being bargained at the same table. Please remember each contract is unique and they each present different issues and discussions happening at each table. CWA Local 4340 feels it is best to share as much information as we can on how the company is bargaining with CWA District 4 and CWA National as a whole. If you have any questions please call the union hall at 216-635-4340. Thank you for actively staying involved, informed and participating in securing a better contract for all of our Union Brothers and Sisters.
In Unity,

Gary Kundrat, President
David Passalacqua, Executive Vice President
Linda Burns, Secretary/Treasurer

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