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YP Midwest Publishing LLC, Bargaining Report #2

Our CWA Bargaining Committee met with representatives of YP Holdings Midwest on June 13-17 in Southfield Michigan.  

The week was primarily spent reviewing and discussing Company proposals that have been presented on items such as Health Care, Force Adjustments, Contracting and a new Sales and Compensation structure.  

While we were able to make some progress on items that have lesser impact on our membership, we are far, far, apart on the others.  

YP proposes, among other things,  to have the right to lay off by performance ranking in sales positions and by job function in non-sales positions, have greater flexibility in contracting, have unclear health and welfare benefits and to roll out a sales structure that has no regard to seniority.  

We made it clear that these retrogressive proposals are unacceptable in their current state and that our members deserve better.  

Now YP needs to hear this from the members…

Both committees will be meeting together again for two days next week.  An update will be sent out shortly after these meetings.

In Unity

CWA YP Holdings MW Bargaining Committee


YP Midwest Publishing LLC, Bargaining Report #1

May 18, 2016
The bargaining committee members met with representatives of YP Holdings in Southfield, Michigan on May 16-18.
VP Hinton attended the opening session and stated in her remarks that CWA hopes that YP Holdings will bargain in good faith, recognizing the quality work that our members provide and negotiate an agreement that our committee supports and recommends for ratification.
During the three day meeting, our committee spent time learning about YP's proposed sales roles and compensation plan, which is similar to what they have already negotiated in other regions. We were also presented with several other proposals, all of which are concessionary in nature.
Our committee will be preparing responses to these proposals and will return to Southfield to meet with YP for a week of bargaining beginning on June 13.
While this was only the initial meeting, there are huge hurdles that must be overcome in order for us to achieve a tentative agreement the committee can recommend.
YP Holdings needs to understand that we have the support of our membership and that YP needs to do the right thing!

YP Midwest Publishing LLC Agreement with CWA Local 4340


Yellow Pages Contract

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