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AT&T Legacy T Bargaining Report #20

As we count down to April 11th, we still have not received responses on some key issues. The Company has not responded to us since we rejected their elimination of JOG. They have not responded to any of our proposals on the watermark and have not given us any new commitments on training for Workforce 2020.

Meanwhile, while Pensions, Disability, Medical Care and monitoring are still being discussed in subcommittees, no real progress is being made there either. The Union has rejected their absence proposal and the Company’s own data proves that while absence is a problem for some people, the overwhelming majority do not abuse their paid illness time.

So, here we are, moving into another weekend. Despite the holidays, the bargaining teams are all staying in town and will be bargaining.

Every Local should be ratcheting up its Mobilization activities this week. Every manager in every office should know how you feel about the Company’s actions at the table.

Your Bargaining Team,


AT&T Legacy T Bargaining Report #19

The votes were counted last night for the Legacy T Strike Vote and a large majority voted YES. Now we need to show the Company that we are serious about that. Locals should be preparing picket assignments and improving Local communication (phone trees, text messaging, etc.) Members should check their desks or trucks for personal items they might need to take home next Friday. Personal “crib sheets” should not be left for Managers or Scabs to use.

At the table the Company again refused to discuss a pension increase for current Retirees. They refuse to even discuss it across the table, leaning on the fact that it is a “permissive subject” of bargaining. We will continue to raise it. We also presented a proposal to improve the payout for the Success Share Plan (SSP).

The remainder of the day was spent in subcommittee discussions on the Medical Benefits.

Your Bargaining Team,


AT&T Legacy T Bargaining Report #18

Over the weekend the Company rejected our proposal for a pension increase and made no modification to their original proposal to freeze our pensions and push all new hires into 401Ks. They have a lot of nerve. The Company financial report attached to the Proxy statement for the upcoming shareholders meeting shows:

Stephenson Pension Benefit Plan - Nonbargained Program: $1,481,965 / Pension Benefit Make Up: $6,861 / SRIP: $2,552,134 / SERP: $44,279,447

Stephens Pension Benefit Plan - Nonbargained Program: $1,145,761 / Pension Benefit Make Up: $52,609 / SRIP: $338,018 / SERP: $11,381,495

de la Vega Pension Benefit Plan - Mobility Program: $157,712 / BellSouth SERP: $15,414,455 / SERP: $7,018,064

Stankey Pension Benefit Plan - Nonbargained Program: $1,277,988 / SRIP: $408,856 / SERP: $22,319,452

But they want to attack OUR pensions and “have no interest or desire” to talk about our current Retirees. They don’t have to worry about how they will pay for their health care! It’s a disgrace!

They made a proposal to give us access to their management only wellness plan but are still looking toward massive cost shifting.

Today they rejected one of our very modest proposals, to make sure they have to discuss potential jobs in AT&T Digital Life and DirecTV (should that acquisition go through). The majority of the day was taken up in sub-committee discussions on absence, health care and customer care issues.

Check out our advice on how to vote on the Shareholder Meeting Proposals. We will be counting the strike vote tomorrow afternoon.

Your bargaining Team


AT&T Legacy T Bargaining Report #17

Today the Union proposed an additional pension improvement to expand service pension eligibility (eligibility for retiree benefits) to those with 15 years of service who are 60 years old.

In another proposal aimed at preparing us for 2020, we proposed that the training for that future work, be classroom based, formal training. We feel that complex training is better delivered that way. We also raised that too much of the 40 hour trainin...g commitment is spent on company compliance training (like the Code of Conduct). The language’s original intent was work related/skill based training. The Company’s proposal to have complete control of changes in the TAP program was rejected, while we proposed only giving the company the right to add programs.

We also agreed to a TA on several ATS related proposals that clarified some improvements . A “TA” is a “tentative agreement.” That means both sides agree to it, but this is subject to reaching an agreement on the whole contract and ratified by the membership. We reached a similar TA on Article 25 – Termination Pay, which will not be changed in the new Contract. (We have outstanding demands on improving the termination pay language in Article 43 and 45.)

Finally we received a presentation of a fairly comprehensive wellness program that is currently only offered to AT&T management. We of course raised the point – if it’s such a great program and it is so important to keep managers fit and healthy (including overseas managers) why in the world would they not offer it to us? They want us to pay more for health care but not have access to programs like this? You can come up with your own answer to that one.

The team will be bargaining tomorrow. Step up the fight.

Your bargaining team,


AT&T Legacy T Bargaining Report #16

Today the Union again rejected the company’s plan to freeze our pensions and force new hires to rely solely on a 401K, with no additional pension plan. Mary Ellen Mazzeo showed example after example of how inadequate AT&T’s Pension proposals are. Our demand was for pension increases for people under all three plans. She pointed out that any improvement we made by adding to the Cash Balance in the last round would be completely wiped out with the company’s current proposal.

We also demanded a significant pension increase for our current retirees. A portion of them received an increase in 2007 but the majority has received no increase for many, many years, while the cost of living and health care costs keep eating up a bigger and bigger portion of their pensions.

The Union put another health care proposal on the table today as we continue to pressure the company to talk about meaningful wellness programs before we will discuss any cost shifting to our members.

We also proposed wage increases for our L-titles which have traditionally been the lowest paid title in our unit. The current start rate for one of the L-titles is actually lower than the federally required $7.25 minimum wage.

Finally, the company again returned with a proposal to change our monitoring language, since we rejected their last proposal. They continue to want to discard every protection we have fought so hard for over the years. Their proposal eliminates side-by-side monitoring and would allow “process monitoring,” which is done remotely and recorded 24 hours a day, to be used for discipline. Even with all the protections in our current language, our members are harassed by bad management. We will not allow them to gut this language.

We want to thank the Locals who joined our conference call and encourage all of you to step up mobilization efforts.

Your bargaining team,
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