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Cuyahoga County Sheriff Dept. Wage Re-Opener Vote Results

Results from the vote today were 48 YES (accept) and 3 NO (reject)


Today from 11:30 am - 1:30 pm the voting for the 2016 Cuyahoga County Sheriff Department bargaining unit Wage Re-Opener will take place.  Please check with your steward for the exact voting location.


Cuyahoga County Sheriff Department 2016 Wage Re-opener Vote

We will be holding a vote for the 2016 wage re-opener on April 14, 2015 at the Justice Center.  Please contact your Steward for the voting location.


Cuyahoga County Sheriff Department Bargaining Update

The County has proposed their Final Offer for the 2016 wage re-opener.  The Bargaining Committee will be meeting today to discuss the offer. 

All the other aspects of the Contract, as voted on and approved by the Bargaining Unit Members, remains as voted on by the Memebers.


Cuyahoga County Sheriff Department 2015 Contract and 2016 Wage Re-opener

The language as voted on by our members has been verified and discussion with the County for the 2016 wage re-opener are still underway.  The Union has asked that the County put the Contract before Council to adopt the agreement while we are in talks for the 2016 wage re-opener.


CWA Local 4340 Cuyahoga County Sheriff Contract Ratified!

For all CWA Union Members working in the Cuyahoga County Sheriff Bargaining Unit, the contract was overwhelmingly ratified!

The Bargaining Team would like to thank all members for voting.

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