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AT&T may agree to follow new Net Neutrality rules to close DirecTV purchase

According to a new report, AT&T (NYSE:T) is prepared to reverse its publicly stated course and abide by new net neutrality rules in order to obtain federal approval of its $49 billion purchase of DirecTV ....

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Whatever Happened to Overtime??

"That’s about a trillion dollars more a year in profit. And since then, wages as a percentage of GDP have fallen, you guessed it, by about the same 6 percent or 7 percent of GDP. Coincidence? Probably not. What very few Americans seem to understand is that that extra trillion dollars isn’t profit because it had to be, or needs to be or should be. That extra trillion dollars is profit because powerful people like me prefer it to be. It could have been spent on your wages. Or it could have gone into discounts to you, the consumer. We capitalists will tell you that our increasing profits are the result of some complex economic force with the immutability and righteousness of divine law. But the truth is, it is simply a result of a difference in negotiating power. As in, we have it. And you don’t."

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Communications Workers of America, District 4, Opposes Telecom Dereg Proposal in Lame Duck Session

" Telecom Giants are pushing through an amendment in Lame Duck session designed to wreck Provider of Last Resort Rules (POLR). These rules ensure that everyone in Ohio has access to critical voice telephone service. The Telecom companies are trying to do away with POLR requirements with an amendment to Agriculture Bill (HB 490) 

In 2010, CWA worked on a Bi-Partisan Bill that nearly unanimously passed the Ohio House and Senate that protected Jobs and Consumers, particularly the rural and elderly customers."

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Union is Strength "Together we can do MORE"


Overworked America

Income and wages stagnant for most Americans.

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