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CWA Local 4340 Mobilization

Mobilization is a name CWA has given to an ongoing program of getting members active and involved in their union. It grew out of actions CWA Locals were taking during contract negotiations.

Initially, Mobilization consisted of rallies and demonstrations. Members were asked to attend a rally at their workplace to hear news about bargaining. Often for the benefit of local management, members demonstrated visible support for contract issues being advocated by their bargaining committee.

These rallies and demonstrations were later seen as effective tools for more than just bargaining. There were concerns about ongoing problems in a workplace. Managers sometimes changed workplace policies that were detrimental to workers. CWA filed grievances about policy change but it was apparent rallying and demonstrating were also effective tools for modifying workplace policies. These membership-involving actions became referred to as Mobilization. CWA realized a mobilization process is useful for getting members active in other areas of union goals, like Community or Political Action and Organizing.

Community/Political Action, where laws are crafted that can benefit workers and their families, is also a way of mobilizing CWA members. Community/Political action encompasses knowing and understanding workers issues, supporting and voting for candidates from city council members to President of the United States, who embrace pro-workers values.

Organizing workers who don't have the benefit of workplace democracy behind them is also a goal of unionized workers. Jobs done by nonunion workers many times competes directly with the jobs of union members. Nonunion employers use cheaper wages and low or no benefits to complete in the marketplace and undercut unionized employers. Paying union wages and benefits helps assure workers are not used to undercut competition and instead allows employers to compete on business abilities.

Mobilization is a communication link between members and union officials. To help improve communication each CWA local has the ongoing task of building a Mobilization structure. The structure consists of worksite coordinators, building coordinators and an overall Local coordinator. Altogether, coordinators are responsible for assuring information from members get to local officers and information about the local flows to the membership. This might include posting information on union bulletin board(s), handing out information to coworkers or even talking one-on-one with coworkers.

Everyone working on Mobilization has volunteered to take an active role in strengthening their Union. If you would like more information on mobilization or want to volunteer to be a Local 4340 Mobilizer, click here

CWA 4340 Mobilization

"I want to help strengthen my Union"