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AT&T - Legacy S Bargaining Unit - incl Global Services (fka DataCom)

Please print & post on your workplace bulletin board (political info not permitted).

Labor Day @ AT$T



On Monday September 3, 2018 our country will be celebrating Labor Day.  Normally, during holidays several company representatives will email you and thank you for your hard work and dedication to the company and remind you to spend some time with family.  We need to remind them that our LABOR is the reason this company is the profitable company that it is today.  Our LABOR is how the network is built and maintained. American LABOR is what our customers expect and deserve.  We are the reason for Labor Day. 

Please take a minute and encourage others to post on company social media sites and to let them know what Labor Day means to you and your family while we are fighting for a fair contract that secures our futures with the company.

Please share a simple hashtag to remind the company we will not give up our futures.


#NoJobsNoDeal                #FYFO                   #wheresthejobs                #ATTbrokenpromises


LeaveLink®: Reporting FMLA Absences in LeaveLink  

TO: All US-based AT&T Management and Bargained Employees including Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands

WHAT: Starting October 1, 2018, the time frame to submit FMLA leave requests in LeaveLink will be extended from 2 business days to 5 calendar days.  As in the past, if not submitted on a timely basis (within 5 calendar days), the request will automatically be denied. 

It is essential that employees submit a leave request through LeaveLink within 5 calendar days of returning to work for an unplanned absence.  Leave requests made beyond the 5-calendar day time period will be considered untimely and will not qualify for FMLA protection absent extenuating circumstances. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This policy change will only be applied to requests for FMLA submitted in LeaveLink after October 1, 2018.  Any FMLA leave requests submitted prior to October 1, 2018 will not be affected. 

ACTION: Informational ONLY

: For additional questions related to this change, visit  LeaveLink FMLA on HR OneStop


CWA/AT&T Legacy (S) ULP Strike 

 The ULP strike continues tomorrow Monday June 4th, please report to work locations for picket duty.


CWA/AT&T LEGACY (S) Local 4340 MIDWEST ULP Strike Update

The ULP Strike continues as there has been no resolution to the ULP charges at this time. AT&T took retaliation against the membership by withholding paper checks from our members and refusing to distribute those checks until the strike is ended. At this time Local 4340 has filed a second board charge in regards to this retaliation from the company. Efforts are ongoing to resolve the ULP (s) and to assist the members to get their paychecks.

AT&T has not notified the Union that Healthcare benefits have been cancelled at this time. If you want to verify benefit coverage please call Blue Cross BlueShield at 1-800-621-7336.

Please continue to watch and Mobilize CWA Local 4340 for updates.



CWA/AT&T LEGACY (S) Local 4340 MIDWEST ULP Strike Update

Today CWA members left their jobs because of an Unfair Labor Practice dispute with AT&T. AT&T committed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) by bypassing the bargaining committee to bargain directly with the members. Many locals, including Local 4340 filed ULP charges in response. At this time there has been no resolution to the ULP charges (s). Tomorrow the union will continue attempts to resolve the ULP and get the members back on the job. All members should report to work locations tomorrow Friday June 1st during scheduled work hours to continue picket line coverage.