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Direct TV update from District 4

The following is the latest DTV update we have received from District 4:


TO:  CWA District 4 Local Presidents - AT&T Midwest

Dear Colleagues:

I wanted to update concerns about the status of DirecTV and issues regarding work covered by Appendix F.

First, let me say that I understand all your frustration, and it is equally shared by the District 4 staff with AT&T responsibilities, and myself.  I continue to hope that our shared frustration ultimately is expressed and directed at the appropriate party rather than at each other.

 As you already know, in the time leading up to the Labor Advisory Forum and the Common Interest Forum, and still today the Company had provided little concrete information regarding their business plans related to the acquisition.  It was everyone’s presumption, fueled by the initiation of DirecTV installation training for our Premises Technicians and the announcement by President Shelton of Randall Stevenson’s commitment to afford District 4 Premises Technicians the same twenty cents ($0.20) District 3 negotiated upon ratification, that Premises Technicians would be responsible for doing this work.

 After President Shelton’s announcement, it quickly became evident that AT&T’s Midwest Labor decided that strings needed to be attached to the agreement made between the two.  These contingencies included addressing the disagreement between District 4 and Labor around the Scope of Work for Appendix F (specifically FTTP and fiber work in the letter outside of the agreement). As I believe you know, the Company feels they agreed to a scope of work which gave the Company more latitude than what we feel was agreed to in bargaining. Midwest Labor’s position was the twenty cents ($0.20) would be applied if and when the District agreed to their interpretation of the scope and the District forfeited the ability to grieve or arbitrate the scope through the term of the collective bargaining agreement.  You can be assured that the District would not entertain either aspects of their proposal.  Since that time, Jerry, Curt, Ron, and I have been continually engaging Labor in discussions trying to resolve this issue.  In our efforts, we are trying to do more than just “win” a war of words with Labor.  Our focus has been to reach an agreement that would not only reflect what we agreed to in bargaining, but also secure work for the title(s) which traditionally performed that work.  In doing so, our Premises Technicians could focus on their current duties, as well as new ones related to DirecTV.  Any and all progress that could be made has, to this point, been hindered by AT&T Midwest Labor.  However, we will continue to push back…we must. 

With respect to the current lack of work we are experiencing; we, too, are concerned. But, as you heard at the same time we did, the department looks to have Premises Technicians do this work.  I would agree their current use of contractors and the DirecTV work not migrating to our technicians as quickly as we would like is frustrating.  Moreover, as of today we have heard from the department that all issues of their system integration have not been resolved.  Diminishing U-verse deployment is a concern, and our hope is the DirecTV work will fill that void in some capacity.  At the end of the day, I’m sure you know that we will fight, as always, to preserve every job out there. This situation is no different.        

Lastly, the bargaining taking place in District 9 concerning DirecTV employees may have an underlying effect on what is taking place with DirecTV nationally.

 In summary, I certainly understand the frustration that is out there, and I’m sure you know it is shared by the D4 staff, as well.   Finally, let me be clear.  The time it has taken to work through this is not due to us “finessing” around our relationship with the Company, or an attempt to preserve a “good” relationship with AT&T Midwest Labor.  On the contrary, as a result of the lack of cooperation from Midwest Labor on this and many other issues, our Midwest relationship is strained -- to say the least -- and appears to be quickly headed down a path by the Company's choice that will change the long-standing Midwest relationship for years to come.

If and when Midwest Labor decides to start working with us to try and resolve issues again, we will update you.  Until then, as a Local President, you certainly have the ability to recommend if your members join with the Company on any voluntary initiatives. 

In Solidarity,

Linda L. Hinton

Vice President

CWA District 4


AT&T announces 2016 3rd quarter surplus

Today, AT&T announced a 3rd quarter surplus in the Narrowband Organization within the Premium Care group in the AT&T Entertainment Group.  This surplus will affect employees represented by CWA Local 4340 in Brecksville, OH.

The majority of the employees to be affected by the AT&T announcement have met with management today, June 15, 2016 to review SIPP information.

AT&T’s announced surplus affecting CWA Local 4340 members are:

  • AT&T is eliminating 20 Maintenance Administrators (MA) positions at the Brecksville Call Center.

Article 26 of the CWA contract with AT&T governs all AT&T surplus declarations.  Please contact your Steward or the Union office with questions regarding Article 26.  The Union will continue to release updates as there are updates. 


AT&T Legacy S/Midwest SD&A/TFS Organizational change

To all Legacy S/Midwest Bargaining Unit Members within SD&A and TFS;

Today we received the following announcement from the Company:

April 15, 2016

AT&T Services, Inc.
AT&T Technology Operations

Effective August 1, 2016

As we continue to coordinate the planning needed to fully establish the Technical Field Services (TFS) organization, all SD&A Core Technicians (rural and metro) along with associated managers and a small number of Premises/Wire Technicians will move to TFS effective the first pay period starting on or after August 1, 2016.

The TFS organization will enable us to better meet our customer expectations of high levels of service – shorter provisioning intervals and maintenance. In addition, the focus of TFS will allow us to meet our goal of better execution by increasing teamwork and equipping our employees with the skills required in the future.

Effective immediately, we will begin the organization design planning process within SD&A to be effectively operational by August 1.

We still have a tremendous amount of work ahead of us and I encourage you to stay focused on what you do well everyday – delivering for our customers an effortless

Bill Huber
Senior Vice President-Technical Field Services
AT&T Services, Inc.

Gary Ludgood
Senior Vice President – Service
Delivery & Assurance
AT&T Services, Inc


As we recieve more information about these changes we will inform the Bargaining Unit members.

Your Officers,

Gary, Dave and Linda


AT&T announces 2016 2nd Quarter surplus

Yesterday, AT&T announced a surplus throughout the Midwest.  This surplus will affect employees represented by CWA Local 4340.

The majority of the employees to be affected by the AT&T announcement have met with management on Tuesday, March 15, 2016 to review surplus and SIPP information.

AT&T’s announced surplus affecting CWA Local 4340 members are:

  • General SIPP is being offered to all BSIM & SDA Customer Service Specialists (CSS) with a cap of 10
  • AT&T is eliminating 10 Facility Specialist (FS) positions in the Lakewood IPGNAC center
  • AT&T is eliminating 1 Technical Specialist position in Infrastructure Management (IM) within the Cleveland FAA

Article 26 of the CWA contract with AT&T governs all AT&T surplus declarations.  Please contact your Steward or the Union office with questions regarding Article 26.  The Union will continue to release updates as there are updates. 


2015 & 2016 Corporate Bond Rates

All AT&T Union Members:

Today corporate bond rates were published.  The new corporate bond rates affect the value of AT&T lump sum pensions, which will change in the 2016 calendar year. 

The US Congress authorized employers with defined benefit pensions to change the calculation formula for lump sums, phasing out the “GATT Rate” that had been used for many years, and replacing it with a new set of interest rates.  The phase-out happened at AT&T over a four (4) year period from 2011 to 2014.  The GATT rate is now gone – only the corporate bond rates are used. 

As a general rule, higher interest rates lead to lower lump sum values.  But changes in rates will affect each of you differently. 

It is recommended that you discuss your pension and/or retirement options with a financial professional.

Below are the Corporate Bond Rates for 2015 and 2016.




Tier 1



Tier 2



Tier 3



In Unity,

Gary Kundrat, President
David Passalacqua, Executive Vice President
Linda Burns, Secreatary/Treasurer

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