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GATT rate 2012 Announcement

The GATT rate has been announced and the following information has been provided by Kristie Darling, CWA Representative. The GATT rate is 3.02% (a decrease from the current 2011 rate of 4.19%)You can call Fiedleity to request a calculation.


AT&T Dental Plan Update

An important development in the administration of our new Dental Plan has been identified. CIGNA is indicating that in the new year, when we go to the new dental plan (for actives and future retirees only), the orthodontic lifetime maximum will completely reset and enrollees will be entitled to the entire $2,000.00 lifetime maximum in the new plan above and beyond what they may have used of the current $1,600.00 maximum. So, even those who were maxed out previously will have a new $2,000.00 limit. While this was not fully conveyed to us during bargaining it certainly makes that plan look even better than it already did. I’m sure our members that use this benefit will be very happy. An early Christmas present for those members that may have occasion to use this benefit.


AT&T New Hire Benefits Guide

Click here to download the AT&T New Hire Benefits Guide.


AT&T Seniority Lists


National Transfer Plan Details

National Transfer Plan now available to employees at work through HROneStop. Only those jobs that apply to NTP will be posted (i.e. no mobility) and posting will be limited to 7 calendar days. Both the "posting date" and the "unposting date" will be noted with job here for National Transfer Plan (NTP) Logon Matrix.

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