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AT&T - Legacy S Bargaining Unit - incl Global Services (fka DataCom)

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at&t buying DirectTV

It was announced Sunday 5/18/2014 that at&t will be purchasing DirectTV.

Click here for more information


AT&T CIM Field Transformation Job Descriptions

Attached is the updated information from Mike Schulte, District 4 Representative, that should help define the expectations of each organization (specifically regarding cable functions in SD&A vs DSL & IPDSL vs NIBS).


Dental Plan Update

An important development in the administration of our new Dental Plan has been identified. CIGNA is indicating that in the new year, when we go to the new dental plan (for actives and future retirees only), the orthodontic lifetime maximum will completely reset and enrollees will be entitled to the entire $2,000.00 lifetime maximum in the new plan above and beyond what they may have used of the current $1,600.00 maximum. So, even those who were maxed out previously will have a new $2,000.00 limit. While this was not fully conveyed to us during bargaining it certainly makes that plan look even better than it already did. I’m sure our members that use this benefit will be very happy. An early Christmas present for those members that may have occasion to use this benefit.


AT&T New Midwest Core Contract and MOA's Outside Contract


View/download the signed CWA/AT&T Midwest core contract and MOA's outside contract.   These files are rather large so be patient while it loads to your screen.

As in previous years, when the printed copies arrive we will deliver them as quickly as possible.


CIM NetOps Field Transformation FAQ issued by at&t

Q1. What was announced?

We’re announcing plans to form two organizations, effective Jan. 1, 2014, from the current C&E Proactive Maintenance Field Forces (PMFF), Core Installation & Maintenance (CIM), and U-verse Field Operations (UFO) teams.  The remaining organizations in the NetOps (Smith) organization will not be impacted by this restructure.

Q2. What are the two organizations?

The first organization is the Network Infrastructure & Business Services (NIBS) team. The new NIBS team’s responsibilities will include maintaining the access network infrastructure through more proactive maintenance, enabling the increased bandwidth demands required by our customers while reducing reactive dispatches. NIBS will include PMFF from C&E.  The team will also be responsible for installation and repair of advanced business services.

The second organization is the Service Delivery and Assurance (SD&A) team. The SD&A team’s responsibilities will include installation and repair of non-designed video, voice and broadband services.

They will make each contact with the customer a positive experience and ensure we’re meeting our commitments. The National Dispatch Center (NDC), Regional Market Execution Team (RMET) and Buried Drop functions will also be part of this organization.

 Click here for the full FAQ