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Contract for the American Dream

We, the American people, promise to defend and advance a simple ideal: liberty and justice . . . for all. Americans who are willing to work hard and play by the rules should be able to find a decent job, get a good home in a strong community, retire with dignity, and give their kids a better life. Every one of us – rich, poor, or in-between, regardless of skin color or birthplace, no matter their sexual orientation or gender – has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That is our covenant, our compact, our contract with one another. It is a promise we can fulfill – but only by working together.

Today, the American Dream is under threat.  Click here to read the full article.


Celebrate Labor for Labor Day

Robert Reich, the Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration and the subject of the upcoming documentary "Inequality for All," shares a Labor Day message about how we can do better by workers. In the video, he announces a petition campaign to pressure McDonald's' and Walmart's CEOs to pay their workers a fair wage of $15/hour
Please help the middle class - sign the petition


CWA Applauds Government By the People Act H.R. 20

The legislation was unveiled today by Rep. John Sarbanes and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. The bill is an important step in reducing the influence of moneyed special interests in politics and would put our election back into the hands of everyday Americans.

Please take the time to read the entire article, click here.



Right-to-work laws are wrong for Ohio: John T McNay

RTW laws clearly crush democratic established processes established at union workplaces. Every union is established by a democractic vote of the employees, a vote that is carefully and legally monitored to produce a fair and just outcome - John T McNay.

DON'T BE FOOLED. Right-to-work is wrong for the working and middle class, wrong for Ohio, wrong for all us us. Please take a moment to read this article.



Take a few minutes to watch if you care about Overtime Pay

House Republican bill 1406 - It's a campaign to take away overtime pay