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AT&T Midwest/Legacy S 2017 2nd Quarter Surplus


AT&T announced that it will be cancelling the previously announced 2017 2nd Quarter Surplus for the Cleveland FAA TFS Department.  All employees that have requested SIPP at the begining of the surplus announcement will still be able to take SIPP.


Yesterday, AT&T announced a potential 1st quarter surplus in the Technical Field Services (TFS) Department and General SIPP in the Business Services Department.  This will affect employees represented by CWA Local 4340 in the Cleveland FAA.

The majority of the employees to be affected by the AT&T announcement have met with management yesterday, March 15, 2017 to review SIPP information.

AT&T’s announced surplus affecting CWA Local 4340 members are:

  • AT&T is eliminating 18 Customer Service Specialist (CSS) positions in  TFS throughout the Cleveland FAA.
  • AT&T is also offering a General SIPP for 1 Customer Service Specialist (CSS) position in Business Services within the Cleveland FAA.

Article 26 of the CWA contract with AT&T governs all AT&T surplus declarations.  Please contact your Steward or the Union office with questions regarding Article 26.  The Union will continue to release updates as there are updates.